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Gipi: Dežela potomcev (Land of the Sons)

THIS RELEASE IS IN SLOVENE LANGUAGE! Land of the Sons – Gipi’s most artistically accomplished work to date! An extraordinary power of graphic art & emotions! Forum Ljubljana, Ambasada Strip edition #20, November 2017, 288 bw pgs., 17 €.



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Tinta comics festival Ljubljana
10th─14th October, various locations

O editions

Matija Medved: Fontana

The Fountain – a simple and playful wordless mini comic which shows the humorous side of the accidents of coincidental bypassers. Edition O #19, April 2017, 24 pgs., A6, 1,50 €.

O editions

Ana Štular: Enodnevnica

THIS RELEASE IS IN SLOVENE LANGUAGE! Mayfly – a spendid mini comics debut by 10-year-old girl Ana Štular! Edition O #18, April 2017, 24 bw p., A6, 1,50 €.

O editions

Martin Ramoveš: Astronomi

THIS RELEASE IS IN SLOVENE LANGUAGE! Astronomers – second music album in comics form by Martin Ramoveš! Forum Ljubljana & Klopotec, Edition O #17, March 2017, 72 p. / 31:22 min., 15 €.

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Nicolas Presl: Sin očeta medveda

WORDLESS GRAPHIC NOVEL! Son of the Father Bear – a mute graphic novel by the French artist Nicolas Presl brings a shocking story of coexistence between humans and animals! Ambasada Strip edition #19, December 2016, 236 bw pgs., 12 €.